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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Drunk Off Tampons

 Apparently, the “hip new way” to get drunk isn’t actually by drinking at all, it’s by soaking tampons in liquor and then shoving them up your “special” places.
Soaking a tampon in vodka and then… re-inserting it somehow… is supposed to produce the “ultimate body shot” — a fast, intense buzz (the alcohol is allegedly absorbed more quickly than by mouth), with no tell-tale alcohol breath for mom or the police to detect (Huff Post).
Bliss Tree writes:
“Probably one of the best dumb ways that college students get drunk, the vodka-soaked tampon sounds like a perfect urban myth…except that it’s true. And it’s not just girls that use it. Which means both men and women are willing to insert alcohol into improper orifices to get drunk without drinking. Unfortunately, because the liquor is absorbed through the bloodstream (and not the stomach, which comes with safeguard like vomiting to keep you from having too much), the risk of alcohol poisoning is much, much higher.”
Hyla Cass, M.D, a Women’s Health expert says don’t do it gals! “Our vaginal tissue is quite delicate, and vodka is pretty strong alcohol,” she says. “Of nothing else it would smart! You also have no control over absorption here and could get more inebriated than you’d like or is safe (Glamour).”

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