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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Difference Between a Blog and a Website

The terminology of the Internet can seem pretty confusing to the beginner as everyone seems to have slightly different meanings for very common phrases. The common question of what the difference is between a blog and a website is the perfect example of this.
What exactly is a website?
In basic terms all websites are not much more than collections of related web pages. A web page is nothing more than a bunch of files that are accessible on the internet. For example, the article you are reading right now is a text file sitting in a folder on a server somewhere. That server is connected to the Internet and you are able to view this file using your Internet Browser. That website address (or URL) at the top of your Internet Browser is the specific web address of the web page that contains this article. So if you have a bunch of files that form a web page, and put a bunch of those web pages together you've got a website. Pretty broad and basic explanation but it's the main idea. There are many, many different styles of website out there.

What's a blog then?
A blog is nothing more than a style of website, or a part of a website, that displays information in a certain format. The most basic style of blog presents posts in chronological order very much in the manner of a daily log (web+log = blog). Typically blogs tend to be updated (new content added) on a regular basis and tend to encourage reader interaction though comment sections and other types of member communication. The sense of community and reader involvement around blogs is the biggest draw to this website style. Blogs can be about one topic, many related topics or just about anything under the sun. They can be used to present writing, photography, videos, podcasts and more. They tend to be pretty simple to create and operate which offers people an amazing opportunity to voice their opinions and showcase their work. Posts can be presented in a variety of ways, broken up into categories, filtered, tagged, spun into RSS feeds to be blasted out to the Internet and all sorts of good stuff. The icing on the cake is search engines love blogs and bloggers for the steady stream of new content they provide.
So is there a difference?
Not really as a blog is basically just one type of website however there can be confusion. Typically when someone hears "website" they think of a collection of static web pages that are organized in a very static way. Think front page, about us page, product page, contact page, etc. When they hear "blog" they tend to think of a more flowing, stream of thought style content presentation. A common system is for web designers to create a "standard" type website with pages of content which also offers a blog section.
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