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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Counseling for Marriage

There are many couples who come to a halt in their relationship happiness and decide that they can no longer fix what is going wrong in their relationship. Many of these couples also realize that seeking counseling for marriage problems they are having may be the answer to bring back the happiness. While counseling for marriage won't improve everyone's relationship, it has saved many marriages from a life of misery, or even a divorce.
Are you wondering if counseling is something that can help you marriage? You may be scared of talking about your marriage problems to someone who you don't actually know. You may also be worried about the price that counseling for marriage often comes with. This article will help you see those common concerns from a different angle.
Not Wanting To Talk About Your Marriage Problems To Someone You Don't Know
Many people do not want to talk to a stranger about the relationship issues. They don't want to be judged or talked about behind their back. Surely someone who doesn't know you will judge you right? Wrong!
Therapists who do counseling for marriage problems know that marriages have problems! It's common enough that there are Marriage Counsellors out there!
The great thing about a marriage therapist who doesn't know you is that they are coming from a neutral and objective position. They don't side with your partner or with you. They listen to the issues you have and offer you solutions based on what they hear and what they know. They don't attach emotions to the situation, and that's important because they can give you a solution that you or someone you know would never be able to see with your emotions attached.
For example, even a friend who has the best possible intention can give you advice based on a biased decision. They may know everything that has happened in your relationship and instead of giving you an objective opinion based on the facts right now, they may give you their opinion based on the history of your relationship and about how THEY feel about that. Your relationship could suffer even more from their help - even though they meant to make it better.
So counseling for marriage from a stranger should be looking more appealing to you! Once you get to know the therapist he or she will no longer be a stranger to you and you will become comfortable talking to someone who you know on some level, but isn't basing their help on emotions.
Not Wanting To Pay the Money That Comes With Counseling for Marriage
If you want the counseling then you are going to have to pay money. You are acquiring a service from a professional who did years of studying to be able to provide you with that service. Almost all services come with a price - especially ones that you can really benefit from.
Think about it this way, if you don't seek the help then you may be looking a lot more money being spent on other things such as divorce. The cost of a divorce both money-wise and emotion-wise can often cost you thousands of dollars. So you may be saving money and emotional pain by seeking marriage counseling. Doesn't it sound like the money spent on counseling for marriage may be a better option?
If you really don't want to spend too much money then look around and you may be able to find counseling for marriage that doesn't cost anything; sometimes your employment will cover counseling, or if you have a lower income you may be able to get counseling services from an organization that offers reduced fees based on income. So there may be options for you to reduce the amount of money you need to spend.
While both of these reasons to avoid counseling for marriage are used quite often, they may not be enough to hold you back from seeking help for your marriage. If you view the alternatives from seeking help you may find that counseling is your only answer.
Bellaisa if the owner of the Relationship Circe, a website with relationship advice for women and men on dating, intimacy, and relationship problems.

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