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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet the Real Conrad Murray...Secret Double Life as a Deadbeat Dad and Compulsive Womanizer

Dr. Conrad Murray
Guilty: Dr Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter
 in LA today

To many of his devoted patients, Conrad Murray was a caring doctor who would offer treatment for free to the poor.

But his secret double life as a deadbeat dad and a compulsive womaniser led him to take a lucrative job as Michael Jackson's personal drug doctor.

Desperate for cash to pay his mounting debts, Murray took the lucrative post injecting Jackson - no questions asked - with nightly doses of the knock-out sleep drug that ultimately killed the world's biggest star. 

Murray's $1.2m Las Vegas mansion was about to be repossessed after he fell $96,000 behind with the mortgage in 2009 when Jackson asked him to travel to London with him as his full-time physician, official documents reveal.

His two medical practices in Nevada and Texas faced $631,000 in court judgments and he was late paying a $64,000 personal loan and thousands of pounds in child support.

The Grenada-born doctor's spiraling debts were the reason Murray demanded $4.8m from Jackson when he was first offered the job, said friends. He later settled for $160,000-a-month.
Hours after being convicted of causing the death of the King of Pop, Murray was revealed as the King of the Cads.

Murray, who is married, has fathered at least seven children with six women, most of them out of wedlock.

According to court records, he has also been sued more than a dozen times for claims including breach of contract and unpaid child support.

    In April, 2009, Murray was sentenced to 10 days in jail for non-payment of child support and was ordered to spend 25 days behind bars for the same reason in 2007. On both occasions, he eventually paid up to avoid going to prison.
    Prosecution witness Nicole Alvarez testifies in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in the death of pop star Michael Jackson
    Partner: Nicole Alvarez, 29, told the jury she had been living with Murray for the last three to four years and had a son with him. She said he called her while her was in the ambulance with Jackson en route to hospital
    Call interrupted: Prosecution witness Sade Anding said Dr Conrad Murray was on the phone to her just before 12pm on the day Michael Jackson died
    Prosecution witness: Sade Anding was a cocktail waitress who met Murray in Houston was on the phone to him when Michael Jackson's heart stopped
    He was also arrested twice on charges brought by former girlfriends, once for fraudulent breach of trust and once for domestic violence, although he was never convicted.

    While still living with his doctor wife, Blanche, and their two children in Las Vegas, Murray was also paying the $2,564-a-month rent on a flat in Santa Monica, California, for his 29-year-old actress lover Nicole Alvarez.

    Murray met Alvarez when she was working as an exotic dancer at the Crazy Horse Too club in Las Vegas.

    He had moved to Sin City after conceiving a child after an affair with a married nurse, Nenita Malibiran, who worked with him at the same San Diego hospital.

    During a 1999 child custody hearing, Murray admitted having a history of fathering children and then leaving their mothers.

    Murray was born on February 19, 1953 to a poor single mother and was raised by his grandparents on a farm in Grenada, moving to Trinidad when he was seven. When he arrived in the US, he went to university and medical school in Houston and Nashville, before working as a cardiologist in San Diego.
    Prosecution witness Michelle Bella testifies during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in the death of pop star Michael Jackson in Los Angeles, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011
    No answer: Jurors heard from another ex-girlfriend, Bridget Morgan, who testified she called Murray earlier on the morning of the day Jackson died, but she said that he didn't pick up 
    More women: The court also heard from Michelle Bella, left, an exotic dancer Murray met in Las Vegas last year and Bridget Morgan, right, a former girlfriend who testified that she called Murray earlier on the morning of the day Jackson died, but she said that he didn't pick up.

    He married first wife, Zufan Tesfai in 1984 and got divorced four years later after having a child with mistress Patricia Mitchell, who accused him of a 'fraudulent breach of trust.' 
    He had another brush with the law in 1994 when he was arrested for domestic violence against Janice Adams, who also mothered two daughters with him, while he was a cardiologist working at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

    He met current wife, Blanche, while both were attending the same medical school.
    On the morning of Jackson's death, Murray was on the phone to Sade Anding, a cocktail waitress he met in Houston and two stripper ex-girlfriends, Michelle Bella - from Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club - and Bridgette Morgan - from Cheetah's - testified in court that they got calls from the doctor while he was supposed to be caring for the star.
    Michael Jackson,
    Dead: Michael Jackson paid Murray $160,000-a-month to be his personal physician
    Murray's current mistress, Nicole Alvarez, started dating the doctor after giving him a private lap dance in her strip club's VIP lounge. Her close friend Ben Harris said she later showed him a cheque worth $4,000 Murray had given her and said: 'I've hit the jackpot.' 
    Sade Anding, 25, who was talking to Murray when he discovered Jackson had stopped breathing, also said the first time she met the doctor he gave her a $110 tip for an $11 drink.
    'He told me he was very successful. He said the song 'I'm Coming Up' is them theme of his life - that he came up from nothing to where he was now. But he said nothing about a girlfriend and all these children.' 

    She said he later gave her a cash gift of $400 and a check for $480 on their nights out together. 'Looking back I think he was hoping I'd join him on the bed but I said I had to go,' she added.

    Another Vegas model, Maggie Goldstein, claimed Murray flew her on an all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean.

    'I was one of 10 models and promotions girls hired by Conrad Murray to fly to a Trinidad and Tobago resort in 2005 to publicize a new energy drink, Pit Bull, that Murray was producing with a partner.

    'Conrad had a ball. He was up into the early hours, drinking, having fun and posing bare-chested with the girls. He brought along a girlfriend, Bridget, a black singer from Los Angeles.
    'I was shocked to later find out he was married,' she added.

    Murray hasn't previously had any blemishes on his medical record, but bad medicine does run in the family.

    His father, Dr Rawle Andrews, reportedly had his medical privileges restricted for five years in 1994 in Texas because he was prescribing non-therapeutic drugs.

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