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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lil Wayne Threatens Fans Who Came to His House for a Glimpse of the Star (Video)

Lil Wayne has always been an artist to acknowledge his love for his die hard fans, but that's when they are not steps away from his front lawn. Two overzealous fans recently caught the ire of Weezy when they circled his home in their car hoping to get a glimpse of Birdman Jr.
They got a glimpse all right, but it wasn't the one they were expecting.
"Do me a favor, get the f*ck from out this neighborhood or get your head knocked the f*ck off,” said Weezy warning the duo keep clear of his property.  “Do that...Get the f*ck out this neighborhood homie...Get the f*ck out this neighborhood homie..."

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