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Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess Who Got Punched in the Face for Hugging up on a NBA Player

Teyana Taylor is at it again…word on the street is that Teyana Taylor got into a brawl with NBA player Nick Young‘s girlfriend at The Supper Club in Los Angeles last Thursday night. Teyana has been hanging with the Washington Wizards Nick Young over the past few weeks, sparking rumors that the two may of been having more than a business relationship going on. Teyana, Nick and his girlfriend somehow all ended up at the same party spot in L.A and that’s allegedly when all hell broke loose:

Nick Young is in the club with his long term girlfriend, and so is Teyana Taylor, who arrives separately. Nick Young walks over and greets Teyana Taylor. Teyana starts hugging on Nick Young, and his girlfriend gets upset and walks over and physically removes Teyana arms from around Nick. I don’t know if Teyana thinks the girlfriend is just some random groupie or what, but Teyana puts her arms back around Nick, and the girlfriend removes Teyana’s hand once again in a more aggressive manner. Teyana then throws a drink in the girlfriend’s face. The girlfriend turns around and punches Teyana Taylor in the face. Yes, punches!!! Nick Young jumps in the middle of the two to keep them apart. He then exits the Supper Club promptly with his girlfriend in tow and they both speed off in Nick’s Maserati.”

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