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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things To Remember Before You Start A Diet

With every one out of four people in the world struggling with excess fat or weight gain, it is becoming more and more essential to come up with a guide on easy weight loss diets one can embark on. Unfortunately, the pressure we get from work, family and other social settings barely give us a chance to sit back and cook healthy meals. But sadly enough, we need to know that with diseases such as diabetes and gout on the increase, our healthy and weight ought to be of great concern.

No matter how willing we are to lose the excess weight, we do not want this to negatively affect our bodies hence it becomes crucial that this diet becomes accommodating. We do not want a restrictive diet because, who would want to eat the same food on a daily basis? Aren't we more likely to get bored fast and relapse into those old and unhealthy eating habits? So let's try and find if there is an attractive diet out there that would help us lose weight.
To begin with, like every other change we undergo, it needs to be gradual rather than instant. If you want your body to respond positively, give it a bit of time to adjust. If you have a family, do not change the entire diet and expect they will be okay with that, start by incorporating the meals into your previous diet. As you observe the feedback they give then you can go on to change the entire meal slowly by slowly. If the changes are met by resistance, listen to their suggestions but over emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. It will not only help you lose weight but it will keep theirs in check.
Always remember that to succeed in weight loss you need a lot of motivation from within and outside. If it's in a family setting, having them prepare a meal for you will be quite motivating. Also remember to make everyone part of your initiative. Like you can have each person chose a meal for you every week as long as it falls in the range of healthy diets. This is because most of your unhealthy eating habits have probably rubbed off on other members of your family or even friends.
It also works better with a weight loss diet once you have identified your Basal Metabolic Rate. The BMR will assist you in knowing the amount of calories you need in your body daily. Armed with this information, you can then know the kind of foods to avoid and the ones you should take. If you do not need a lot of calories, consume low calorie foods. Avoid high sugar content foods such as biscuits, pizzas, potato chips, ice cream among others. If you want to take carbohydrates, go for the low carb.
And if you know you fall into the temptation of buying junk food, always ensure you carry packed food for your consumption whenever you feel hungry. Junk is definitely a no for weight loss dieters.
If this sounds easy for you like it does for me, then go ahead and try your easy weight loss diets, you will be surprised at how fast it works.
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