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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Make a Handbag - Where to Start

The potential to make beautiful designer handbags is already in you; all you need is a few simple keys to unlock that greatness. Most people believe that being creative is the only way to design, paint or create delicious looking handbags. This is not the case; the secret in knowing is learning or being taught.
Learning how to design a women's handbag is not rocket science but it does require a few basic how to's and of course a good sewing machine is a handy tool.
Where Do You Start?
Well, what is your interest? Is it a soft fabric tote, an envelope clutch or a large straw bag with gorgeous beaded handles? Whatever your interest you certainly can learn how to make it. A good place to look & stimulate your ideas is:
  • In your closet - what types of handbags are you attracted to
  • In magazines - are there other styles that you are not aware of that you may like
  • On the internet - the world is yours for window shopping & exposure to new design concepts
Don't limit yourself by what you know or by what you think you know. Living in that comfort zone can often rob you of the greater opportunities that await your glance.

Get the Basics
If you can learn the basic principles of design and construction (that sounds so deep- but it isn't) you can design and alter any design to suit your fancy. Okay, take for instance you make a simple box purse; with a few nips and tucks in the right area your purse has a complete make-over. Not that it needed it, or did it? My point is that you can diversify a simple design to create amazing handbags with little to no effort.
Do I go to School?
You certainly can. But enrolling in a traditional school is not always convenient or affordable for the person who wants to jump right in and get started without having to learn the history of design, take math, English and other subjects that are not necessarily relevant to where you are and what you hope to do.
So here are a few options for your consideration:
  • Enroll in a vocational school- that's where you can jump right into the program
  • Purchase a few do-it-yourself books and get busy reading or
  • Register for online classes where you can learn at your pace with video tutorials.
Whatever route you choose to take, don't ignore the tug in your heart. Perhaps it's your destiny knocking to usher you into a new dimension for your business, career or just a wonderful hobby. In any case, if you hear the knocking, don't just stand there... open the door.
Teri M. Bethel is a purse designer specializes in teaching others how to make handbags. Teri has been involved in manufacturing painted garments and art purses for over two decades & is the designer of Teri Monique Handbags.
Sign up for Teri's free "Designing Fabrics With Dimensional Paints Mini-Course" today.

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