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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Best Way to Help Yourself Look Good and Feel Great

When people feel unattractive they move in a more lethargic or despondent way. Often less care is taken in dressing smartly, personal hygiene can become unimportant. By digging deep and finding the motivation to take more care and make an effort it becomes possible to start looking good and feeling better about oneself.
Let's look at how this can happen:
- Become a good friend to yourself. Spend money on yourself from time to time, buy a treat, watch films in the afternoon, indulge yourself occasionally. Learning to say 'no' can be an important step. Many people feel guilty if they say 'no' to others, but sometimes it is an important way of putting boundaries and parameters in place. There are times when you need to remind people of the importance of treating you well, that you need to be respected and considered. Improving your confidence levels helps you to look good, stand tall and feel great.

- When you make the effort to look nice and dress smartly other people often comment and give positive praise. This in itself can be enough to boost your confidence and make you smile. It makes the effort worthwhile and can encourage you to continue looking as good as you can. Review your look from time to time. Be aware of when you last updated your hairstyle, makeup or wardrobe and be receptive to change.
- Remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Do you have a pleasant home, caring friends, good neighbours, supportive family members? Do you live near to lovely places to visit, the countryside, the beach? What about the views, wildlife, culture? Count your blessings and focus on the good things in your life. When you remind yourself of the positive things available you can then commit to enjoying them again. Doing pleasurable, rewarding activities enables you to relax, look good and start to feel more motivated.
- Think of all the good things about yourself. Are you kind, loyal, a good friend? Do you make an effort to help and be supportive of others, have integrity, be generous? All these are positive traits that may be so much a part of your personality that there are many examples you can recall. Write down examples as a reference to remind yourself. Are you a hard worker, a good cook, make a regular effort to commit to the gym, be a good friend or relative? Boosting your personal sense of confidence and wellbeing is a positive component in looking good and feeling great.
- Bring colour into your life. Whether it be clothing, decor, paintings, introducing colour can really succeed in raising your spirits. Even a bright scarf, tie, belt, pair of socks can make all the difference to your mindset. Brightly coloured cushions and paintings in your home can make the place feel fresh and inviting. They introduce a welcome note.
- Smell and fragrance is important too. Using scented candles, cologne, lovely oils in the bath can lift your spirits, especially after a hard day's work or as the evenings draw shorter. Bring fresh flowers and plants into your home. They are an important way of de-stressing and relaxing at the end of the day.
- Look after yourself by eating healthy meals, commit to sleep at sensible times, drink plenty of water and take exercise whenever possible. Put yourself in your diary and tell yourself that you are important and worth it. It can be all to easy to rush around after others, at work, children, friends or family, and end up exhausted and irritable. Looking after yourself helps you to look good, become more relaxed and as such, feel better.
Looking good, doing the things you enjoy and being with the people who support you and make you feel good are all positive ways to commit to a good quality of life. The more calm and relaxed you are, the better you look and feel.
Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples in crisis to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to help support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams.
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