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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

87-Year-Old Man Caught with $3 Mil of Cocaine

An 87-year-old man arrested carrying nearly $3 million of cocaine in the back of his pickup truck appeared in a Detroit court today. His lawyer stopped him from offering a full explanation of how the drugs ended up in his vehicle, to the judge.
Leo Sharp, of Michigan City, Indiana, was arrested on Friday by state troopers near Ann Arbor, Michigan when officers found 114 bricks of cocaine - worth at least $2.9 million, as they searched his car after pulling him over for driving offences, the Detroit Free Press said.
In the US District Court in Detroit today, Mr Sharp started telling a magistrate he was forced at gunpoint to haul the cocaine, but his lawyer interjected and advised him not to answer any further questions. Attorney Ray Richards said his client was likely confused by the questioning.
"I'm sure it was quite an experience for him," said Mr Richards, describing the man as "an eclectic client who found himself in a pretty significant situation."
"He's very intelligent," Mr Richards added. "This will be my first actual drug case where the accused is this old. I've never seen it. It's different."
After being released on bond, Mr Sharp said he wants to write a book about his ordeal.

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