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Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 Warning Signs Of A Cheater


Every woman needs to know these signs of cheating. Why? Well, no relationship is foolproof.

Sometimes, when you’ve been with each other for so long, trouble may show its ugly face in the form of an affair.

Overtime Becomes King- If you have ruled out other options and can’t see any other reasons for why he/she is at  unreachable at work. Look at  the unexplained meetings and sudden business trips. It’s time to find out what’s happening. The simplest way to find out the truth? Check the salary stub. If he/she has indeed been working overtime,the salary stub will show it.
Lying- If you notice that your partner has been lying to you way too often, if he/she hasn’t been looking you in the eye when asked where they were or why they’re late. If there are one too many excuse for the actions, confront him.
Internet Is King-If they are always on line and you know it’s not work related. They are  suddenly very active on social networking sites and it’s not just catching up with old friends. If a new  email account that you don’t have the password to has been created, question the new address. If  you suddenly walk into the room, amd he/she closes chat windows or the laptop screen itself and seems uncomfortable.
Just remember that your instinct is your best friend. If you think something’s up, something probably is. Also remember the two C’s….confrontation and communication. They are both better options than beating yourself up over it.

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