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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quindon Tarver Gives Details on Being Molested by Marques Houston and Chris Stokes - Plus Omarion Speaks Out on These Claims

Raz-B has been claiming that he was molested by his former manager Chris stokes and Marques Houston for awhile.  There is controversy as to whether or not this is true, but  someone else (Quindon Tarver) has come out and admitted that he too was molested.  Quindon Tarver goes into explicit detail about what happened to him, which is very disturbing.

Quindon said “It hurt so bad when Marques put his d*** inside my a**”
Quindon also said Marques is uncircumcised.

Apparently, Raz-B describes the same bedroom where the events happened to Quindon in.  Is this the truth or all about money perhaps?  I can't see someone degrading themselves in this way, but money makes people do crazy things.


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